Please note . . .

The Los Viajeros Riding Club does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, political persuasion or old age. However, we do not allow members under age 21 and we reserve the right to dismiss riders who exhibit unruly or discourteous behavior. Los Viajeros does not allow stallions, or ill-mannered, disruptive horses.

Guests and/or persons riding for membership are required to ride with a sponsor who is a Los Viajeros member. If you do not know anyone who is a Los Viajeros member, email Club President Marcy Rosenberg, or contact by phone at:

No stallions are allowed on any LV-sponsored ride.

No ponying of horses is allowed on any LV ride.

No dogs or pets are allowed on any LV-sponsored rides.

Appropriate footwear (boots or shoes with heels) and saddles must be used on all LV rides.

Criteria for membership includes:

leila march ride

1. A reasonable level of horsemanship

2. A safe gelding or mare that can be controlled by the rider.

3. Good trail manners.

4. Access to a horse trailer and towing vehicle.

5. Compatibility with LV Club Riding members.

If you wish to be considered for membership in the Los Viajeros riding club, please read the first two documents listed below.  Then, you must declare your interest by downloading and filling out both the "Los Viajeros Membership Application" and the "Release Of Liability And Express Assumption Of Risk" forms.

Turn them in to your sponsor, who will endorse and mail them to the LV secretary at the address below: Los Viajeros
P.O. Box 620171
Woodside, CA 94062

A list of qualifying prospective members is presented at the November meeting of the LV Board Board of Directors, 2015 of Directors each year. Therefore it is important to submit your completed application early in a calendar year and begin attending rides as a guest of your sponsor early in the year of your application to attain membership in the following year.

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