Los Viajeros

Safety Rules and Trail Etiquette

Los Viajeros has an impeccable safety record and a reputation for leaving all campsites clean and well maintained. LV encourages accomplished trail riders who handle their horses in a manner that never endangers other riders, horses or property. As a result, LV is continually invited back to the parks and campsites we have visited. In order to maintain this reputation and to maintain reasonably priced insurance, LV must enforce some safety rules. In addition, LV has adopted a set of trail etiquette guidelines. Most are common sense and/or universally followed riding practices. As LV members, we are ambassadors for the horse and for fun, safe and courteous trail riding on the trails we share with hikers and cyclists.

Safety Rules for Los Viajeros Rides

Los Viajeros Trail Riding Etiquette Guidelines

Updated 6/12/14